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We will help you to protect your children!

Track location

Now you can be aware of the location of your child and follow his movement in real time without draining the battery

Panic Button

In case of an emergency, your child can press the Panic Button. You will recieve an alert and details about their current location


Geofencing lets you mark potentially dangerous locations on the map. If your child enters a restricted area, you'll get a notification

Access to contacts

See who they're talking to on the phone. We'll send you alerts whever they add new contacts to the list

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Location tracking Panic Button Geofencing Access to contacts
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How to use?

Protect 24/7 app has a very user-friendly interface and it's so easy to start using because of this

Step 1

Just download app from app store and install one

Step 2

Connect another users account >> connect your Child's device


Now you can track their location and make sure they're staying safe at all times

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Be aware of the whereabouts of your loved ones!

Rest assured that your loved ones are safe! Track real-time location set geofencing, and there is also a panic button in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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Real reviews from our users!

What our customer say about product

I've been using the app for a month, everything is good! It has become much calmer to let my youngest son go for a walk, I always know where he is

Sara Scofield quote

Sara Scofield

I'm relieved that my child always has the opportunity to let me know if something happens! It is also very cool that there is an opportunity to create a forbidden zone, and I will always know if my child is in a bad area

Olivia Brown quote

Olivia Brown

A very useful application for me. I especially like that there is access to the child's contact list, and also that it is fashionable to track the appearance of new contacts

Emily Jones quote

Emily Jones